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Ruker Nkontomire

Few dishes are as traditionally Ghanaian as Kontomire stew is. Ruker Nkontomire provides you with fresh Nkontomire leaves for your delicious stew. Nkontomire stew is one of the very few Ghanaian dishes which doesn’t compromise on health and nutrition.

 Name variations: Kontomire, Spinach stew, Palava sauce, cocoyam leaves

 Preparation and use

Ruker Nkontomire is made from fresh and natural cocoyam leaves, commonly prepared in the home and very popular in Ghanaian cuisine. In Ghana, nkontomire is served with a variety of dishes.

 Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Rice and nkontomire stew
  • Boiled yam and nkontomire stew
  • Plantain and nkontomire stew
  •   Abunuabunu

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