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Praise Abemudro

Praise Abemudro is a ready to cook soup base made up of palm nut extract and Abedru/Wild EggPlant/Turkey Berries. 

Palm Nut / Banga Soup is a very popular soup in Ghana, Nigeria, and across West Africa which is normally eaten with fufu.  There are several canned and ready to prepare palm fruit extracts which makes soup preparation easy. These are made from nutritious palm fruits and will give you the best soup. The palm Cream or fruit extract is 100% natural and is prepared from palm fruit pulp, water and salt. Once you have the palm cream, making palm nut soup is very easy. 

Abedru/Wild EggPlant/Turkey Berries are bushy, erect and spiny perennial plants used horticulturally as a rootstock for eggplant. They are round green fruit that look like tiny watermelons. Turkey Berries (Solanum torvum) a sought-after commodity can be found in Ghana, China, Thailand, The Caribbean, South America, Indonesia, Florida, Alabama, Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico and other places in the world.

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Rice with palm nut soup
  • Banku with palm nut soup
  • Fufu with palm nut soup
  • Kpekple or kpokpoi with palm nut soup
  • Turkey Berries in Palm Nut Soup
  • Turkey Berries in Kotomire stew/Abom
  • Turkey Berries in Green Soup/Abunuabunu
  • Turkey Berries in smoothies
Click here for palm nut soup recipe:

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