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Praise Kokonte Lafu Flour - 1kg

Konkonte, also known by many as abitie, abetee, lapiiwa, and lapelawa is a delicious staple in Ghana. It is popular in west African countries such as Nigeria, Togo and is also eaten in the Caribbean. The English Name for the delicacy is "brown fufu". It is made from sun dried cassava roots, milled into a very smooth powder. Cooked Kokonte is light or dark brown in color. 

Name variations: Nigerians call it Lafun, Togo call it konkonte

Preparation and use 

The only ingredient needed when making Konkonte is boiling water and the dried cassava flour. Once the water has come to a boil, the heat is reduced. The flour is added and stirred until all the water is absorbed. More hot water is added and kneaded until it has the desired texture. Kneading the dough into a smooth paste is the most difficult part of making Konkonte. Kokonte is traditionally served hot with groundnut, palm nut, or okra/okro soup.

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Kokonte with nkatenkwan (peanut butter soup) 
  • Kokonte with abenkwan (palm nut soup)
  • Kokonte with nkrumah nkwan (okra/okro soup)

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