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Peak evaporated milk - 13 Fl oz

Peak Evaporated Milk  is a popular African shelf-stable canned cow’s milk product where about 60% of the water has been removed from fresh milk. The production process involves the evaporation of 60% of the water from the milk, followed by homogenization, canning, and heat-sterilization. Evaporated milk contains added vitamin D. Peak evaporated milk can be used as a substitute for store bought whole milk by adding water to it.

Preparation and use

Peak evaporated milk is the staple milk product widely used in teas, coffee, pap (local custard), hot and cold chocolate and also consumed as a drink on its own. It is also used in creamy salad dressings, pasta sauces, and soups. You can even mix it with eggs to create a great dipping liquid when breading fish, meat, and vegetables.

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Peak evaporated milk in cereal, tea, coffee and porridge
  • Peak evaporated milk as a topping for desserts or for baking
  • Peak evaporated milk as a thickener for salad dressing and pasta sauce 
  • Gari soakings

Nutritional info and health benefits

Just like fresh milk or powdered milk, Peak evaporated milk is a healthy choice. It provides nutrients needed for healthy bones: protein, calcium, vitamins A and D.

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