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Ola Ola Beans Flour - 20 oz / 1 lb 4 oz

Ola Ola bean flours are milled from dried whole blackeye beans and are high in protein and fiber, adding a boost of nutrition to your dish. Naturally gluten free, bean flours are often used in gluten free recipes.

Preparation and use

Ola Ola Bean Flour is carefully cleaned, peeled and milled into a white powdery ingredient.

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Moi Moi
  • Akara/Kosee
  • Gbegiri soup

Nutritional info and health benefits

Bean flour is high in dietary fiber and high quality protein. It also contains a good amount of magnesium and phosphorus and is also a good source of your vitamins and minerals – iron, B1, copper and manganese.

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