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Nestle Milo Energy Cubes/Choco Milo - 100Cubes

Nestle Choco Milo is your best choice in chocolate cubes sweet as this sweet is 100% chocolate cubes. It is a long-time favourite among kids and adults alike. Its perfect chocolate goodness fills any Ghanaian up literally whether in the morning, noon, evening or at any time and everywhere.


History, social and cultural relevance

A childhood favourite, Nestle Choco Milo is the ideal snack for many. We are not sure of how many you actually need to have to have enough but it could be a lot and that’s why you need packs of it at home.

Nestle Choco Milo is super compact and tight and you have to suck on them for a while or bite into them pretty hard. Tasty little things, it’s more the novelty of the size that gets you as they are quite fiddly and when you want to have some ‘energy’ you’ll need to get it a lot faster than popping a few of these!


Nutritional info

Nestle Choco Milo is highly nutritious, rich in proteins, calcium and vitamins. ACTIGEN-E and other nutrients in it help optimize the conditions for the release of energy.

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