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Maggi shrimp Crevette seasoning - 60 Cubes

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Think of it this way, cooking with Maggi Shrimp Crevette seasoning is a source of Iron for your family every day. Iron is needed for blood formation. Maggi shrimp is ideal for seasoning your stews, soups, and sauces or to season your fish and seafood before grilling or frying.

Name variations: Maggi cube, spices

Preparation and use

Maggi Shrimp Crevette seasoning is used to add flavour to that delicious African soup or stew you want to prepare.

History, social and cultural relevance

Maggi has been the brand leader in Africa when it comes to seasoning. Maggi has enabled various African mothers to provide the goodness of homemade food. Once maggi is used in soups or stews, there is no need to add salt. And guess what? A box of Maggi shrimp Crevette seasoning contains 60 cubes so you do not have to come back anytime soon for more.

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