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Iyan Ado Pounded Yam


Pounded yam is a very popular meal across West Africa. Pounded yam is a smooth dough made from fresh pounded yam flour. It is very similar to that of mashed potatoes in terms of the look. However, it feels different as pounded yam is heavier and smoother.

Name variations: iyan, yam fufu, yam fufuo

Preparation and use

Pounded yam with fresh all natural ingredients, easy and quick to prepare. It is the only pounded yam that stays fresh for hours after preparation. All you have to do is add hot water and stir till it is smooth. All you have to do is ensure you serve the pounded yam with your best soup.


Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Pounded yam with Egusi soup
  • Pounded yam with Ogbono soup
  • Pounded yam with vegetable soup

History, social and cultural relevance

In Africa, most are pounded into a paste to make the traditional dish of pounded yam, known as Iyan. The Ijesas in Osun State as well as the Tivs and Idomas in Benue State are known to have special preference for the consumption of pounded yam. Pounded yam as a preferred meal in Ijesaland is dated back in history. Because Ijesa land has a fertile land for the production of yam, it becomes imperative for the inhabitants to have a soft spot for the available delicacy without stress. Hence, the demand for pounded yam.

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