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Hutwise Tom Brown

Tom brown is a healthy snack that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. enjoy warm or cold, with milk and nuts or without. Tom Brown is one of the choicest nutritionally rich African breakfast meals. It can be taken with bread or pastries for breakfast or supper as preferred.

Name variations: wheat mix, roasted corn meal porridge

Preparation and use

A nutritious breakfast cereal made from maize, groundnuts, soya, sorghum, and ginger. Pour contents in bowl with cold water, mix thoroughly till no lumps left. Add hot milk and microwave for 2 minutes, or put on a stove for 5 minutes at low temperature. Add water for desired consistency, dish out into bowl, add sugar to your taste and enjoy.  

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Tom Brown can be enjoyed warm or cold with some bread or pastry.

History, social and cultural relevance

Tom Brown porridge is among the most favoured meals for breakfast on the African continent. Most of its ingredients are common agricultural products that are rampant in Ghana due to the favourable climatic conditions. It is highly recommended for toddlers since it comes with the necessary nutrients to enable them to grow healthy.

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