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Hutwise Stock Fish


Hutwise Stock fish is organic dried cod fish, completely dehydrated, with no added salt or preservatives.Stockfish is cured in a process called fermentation where cold-adapted bacteria matures the fish, similar to the maturing process of cheese.The whole dried cod fish is cut into small pieces perfect for easy cooking. 

Preparation and Usage

Hutwise Stock fish has to be cooked for quite a long time because it's dry. Soaking it in water overnight before cooking reduces the length of cooking time.

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Hutwise Stock fish in Egusi Stew/soup
  • Hutwise Stock fish in Banga Soup
  • Hutwise Stock fish in Ewedu Soup

Nutritional information and health benefits

Hutwise Stock fish is high in Lean Protein,  has a Good Source of some B Vitamins and is rich in Phosphorus and Selenium. It is also Low in mercury.

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