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Hutwise Koobi


Koobi is tilapia salted dried fish in Ghana. The fish has an indigenous flavor in stews and soup in the Ghanaian local delicacies. It is used to prepare Ghanaian foods such as fufu, soup, plantain and stew and other local Ghanaian cuisines.

Name variations: Salted fish, salted tilapia

Preparation and use

Koobi is processed by placing the fresh tilapia in a basin with salt in the fish chest. Use the salt to cover the fish for 3 days. After the 3 days, remove it and dry it in the sun for 5 days or until all the water is drained.

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Plantain or yam with  koobi & spinach sauce (abomu)
  • Banku and pepper with koobi
  • Fufu and light soup with koobi

History, social and cultural relevance

Koobi is one of those multipurpose ingredients you need to have in your kitchen. It’s primarily used as a food enhancing flavour in cooking local sauces and soups. Growing up, most children have been asked by their mothers to make the journey in their respective areas to buy koobi. Koobi has been engrained in Ghanaian cooking tradition and has served as a good substitute for salt and spices in most local dishes over the years.

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