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Hutwise herring powder

Hutwise herring powder is an excellent source of protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A & D, The powdered smoked dried fish is used frequently in Ghana and Nigeria cooking especially in soups as seasoning and garnishing. 

Preparation and use

Hutwise herring powder is obtained by drying the fish or fish trimmings, and then grinding it. If the fish used is a fatty fish it is first pressed to extract most of the fish oil. One of the most popular uses of herring powder is to prepare shito.

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • To make shito
  • Rice and fish stew

History, social and cultural relevance

Herring is a small saltwater fish found mainly in the North Atlantic and the North Sea, but also in the Pacific Ocean. Being one of the most frequently caught fish, herring has been a staple food since the Middle Ages. Herring is especially popular in the north European countries and Russia, where there are a multitude of dishes prepared with it. However, the fish is gaining popularity in Ghana and Nigeria as it has served as a good garnishing ingredient over the years.

Nutritional info 

Herring is 100% percent natural, oily, contains many essential nutrients and healthy fatty acids. Its nutritional value and fat content are at their highest just before the spawning season. Herring is usually caught when it contains the minimum of 16 % of fat. A higher fat percentage makes a better tasting fish.

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