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Hutwise Ground Red Chili peppers


Hutwise Ground Red Chili peppers is an all natural, pure ground red chili pepper.  These are carefully sourced small red cayenne peppers which are dried and ground into powder form. Use it to awaken and bring some fire to all your soups and spices. 

Other names: meko (Akan, Twi), Ata Shombo (Yoruba) 

Recipes & Uses

  • As a condiment in all types of dishes (soups, stews, jollof, etc.) 
  • As suya seasoning 
  • In pepper soup / light soup 
  • In Hausa Koko


Cayenne pepper, the small red peppers, are popular across West Africa for various dishes.  Apart from bringing some much needed heat to your meals, it is also great as a herbal remedy. It is used in many traditional treatments. Pepper soup / hot light soup is a favorite dish that is both used as treatment for coughs, colds, and general body aches.  Cayenne Pepper has been used for thousands of years to treat illnesses and boost health in many countries.

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