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Haffinique Cocktail Peanut

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Haffinique Cocktail Peanut are delicious and crunchy peanuts which are ideal for snacks or just to keep your mouth busy whilst watching your favourite series or reading a book. Use them as an appetizer on game night, pack some in a bag for your next road trip, or simply set out a bowl on the table for the whole family munch on throughout the day.

Name variation: groundnuts, nkatie

Preparation and use

Haffinique Cocktail Peanut is made from the best African peanuts, peanut Oil and Sea Salt.

History, social and cultural relevance

Peanuts is a very popular snack in Africa and usually used to accompany other snacks such as ice kenkey and banana.

Nutritional info

Haffinique Cocktail Peanut  is cholesterol free, contains 0 g trans fat and is very healthy for the heart.

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