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Geisha Mackerel (Green) - 15 Oz


Product  Description  

Geisha mackerelis a tasty and delicious delicacy that will burst your taste buds with exciting flavours. It's well cooked with sauced fish and tomato that can be consumed on the go. Geisha has consistently held to its tradition of great tasting mackerel fish in tomato sauce. The geisha mackerel in lovely tomato paste sauce is enjoyed by all in Ghana and beyond. It comes in different sizes, the 155g and 425g with a shelf life of 2 years.

Preparation and use

Geisha mackerel is canned with tomato sauce and packed with olive oil. It's convenient and ready to use. It's also a good accompaniment for a variety of meals. It's used for cooking and frying. The raw mackerel is usually steamed, cooked or fried and added to tomato sauce to give it that exciting flavour. 

Variation: Geisha mackerel in tomato sauce with chili

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • It can be used in stews and sauces
  • Enjoyed with kenkey and pepper sauce or shito
  • Enjoyed with bread
  • Used in salads

Nutritional information and health benefits

It is an excellent suave of calcium and protein bursting with deliciousness. It's a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids

  • Carbs 2g
  • Dietary fibre 1g
  • Sugar 1g
  • Fat 2g
  • Protein 11g
  • Calcium 30%
  • Iron 8%

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