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Box of Indomie


Transcending across all age groups, Indomie has managed to win over the hearts and taste palates of both the young and the old. Need a quick meal? Indomie is certainly your answer as we offer various flavors.

Indomie is a type of instant noodles sold in a precooked and dried block with flavoring powder and/or seasoning oil. The flavoring is usually in a separate packet. Noodles are a type of food made from unleavened dough which is rolled flat and cut, stretched or extruded, into long strips or strings.  Indomie comes in many different varieties, the most popular ones are chicken flavor, onion chicken flavor, pepper chicken and beef flavor.

Preparation and usage

Indomie are usually cooked in boiling water sometimes with cooking oil and a pinch of salt. They are sometimes pan fried or deep fried. Indomie dishes can be eaten with sauce or noodle soup.


  1. Boil water and cook indomie for about five minutes. Do not over cook so it will not be too soft.
  2. Drain water from the noodles after cooking.
  3. Chop vegetables-scallions, carrots, green pepper, onion, cabbage and any preferred vegetables 
  4. Heat your oil in a saucepan
  5. Pour in your eggs, stir to make scrambled eggs
  6. Pour into the eggs, your cabbage, onion, red powdered pepper, carrot and green pepper and scallions. 
  7. Season with your Maggi cube and your indomie seasoning
  8.  Stir fry until vegetable are soft
  9. Pour in your cooked indomie and stir till combined. Add salt to taste ( optional). Allow to simmer for a minute.
  10. Dish out and enjoy with shito or any sauce of your choice.

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