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Loyalty & Referrals

Our reward system keeps you the customer in mind. You earn points for for performing really simple tasks on our website. The more points you win, the closer you get to discounts on our products. You could get $5, $10 and $25 off your next purchase depending on the points you earn.

Referrals - You earn the most points when you refer us to your friends and family. You get 50 points anytime you refer someone.

Goal spend - We love to reward customers who trust in our products and buy in high quantity. You earn 30 points anytime you spend more than $150 at Hutwise.

Reviews - Another way to rack up points in our reward system is through reviews. The more you leave reviews on our products, the more points you earn. You get 10 points per review.

Purchases - Once you buy from us, you will get rewarded. Our system awards you with 1 point whenever you spend $1 at Hutwise.

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