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About Hutwise

Hutwise is the best way to experience and buy awesome, amazing, top quality African & Caribbean Products in the US. Our focus is to create a very innovative, hassle-free, unique, and new shopping experience in quality, sustainable and healthy African and Caribbean grocery through an online platform. We aim to be the best online one-stop shop for African and Caribbean products with competitive pricing across board, saving our consumers time, energy, and money in the entire process.

We have various subscriptions and packages for our customers based on country, family size, as well as deals for students and singles.

Simple, Affordable Pricing
We use simplified Pricing based on different baskets of products which is fixed regardless of the items in the basket. Customers have the ability to customize products in a basket without worries about dollars and cents.

Subscription / AUTO-RENEWAL
Save money throughout your shopping experience at Hutwise based on the type of subscription, whether monthly, every other month, or quarterly.

The more frequently consumers return to buy their cherished products, the more their return in savings. For example, a customer who shops at Hutwise on a monthly basis could save about 10%, whereas consumers who buy products every other month or quarterly save about 5% and 2% respectively.

Our auto-renewal feature guarantees a quick, free and very easy way to keep our relationships with our customers, by providing a fresh and continuous supply of high standard African and Caribbean goods.

When a customer upgrades to this beneficial service, Hutwise will send out a first shipment as soon as possible. As a form of appreciation for enrolling in this complimentary service, Hutwise will guarantee everyday low prices plus free shipping, saving our valued customers money all year round!

In essence, Hutwise provides unbeatable deals which include but are not limited to:

Convenient automatic renewal and delivery - Automatic renewals and deliveries of fresh African and Caribbean goods saves time and money, and guarantees their availability right at customers’ doorsteps before they run out.

Everyday low prices - Once customers enroll in any of the subscriptions, our discounts will be pegged at guaranteed percentages and prices.

Flexible delivery system - Customers have the flexibility and opportunity to change or pause the frequency of their orders and charges should the need arise.

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