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Hutwise Ground Peanut Paste - 16oz

Hutwise Groundnut paste is a type of peanut nut paste or spread made from ground, dry roasted peanuts. It can be made into a soup or eaten as a snack. Although some varieties of peanut paste contain sweeteners or emulsifiers, this version does not. It is all natural and contains salt only, which differentiates it from most peanut pastes in grocery aisles.

Preparation and use

Peanut Butter or paste can be added to the favorite Ghanaian soup popularly known as nkanti kwan (peanut soup).Click here for a full recipe

When eaten raw, you add a scoop to a piece of bread or toast, spread it evenly and eat as snack. 

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

Nutritional information and health benefits

This all natural groundnut paste contains no artificial colors, flavours, preservatives. All products contain no added sugar and 0 grams of trans fatty acids. It also aids in weight loss, boosts heart health, builds up the body and helps reduce the risk of breast disease.

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