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Waakye Leaves

Make your authentic Waakye in the traditional way, boiled with dried red sorghum leaves.  The sorghum leaves and limestone give the dish its characteristic flavour and a red appearance and the sorghum is taken out before consumption.

Name variations: beans rice

Preparation and use

Waakye is a tremendously popular dish in Ghana. Waakye leaves actually come from red sorghum.

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

Stewed meat, spaghetti, eggs, fish, and fried plantains can be combined with waakye leaves to make your waakye more sumptuous.


History, social and cultural relevance

The dish, which originated from the northern parts of Ghana, may be the origin of the rice and beans dishes commonly found in the Caribbean and South America, brought there through slave trade. Waakye has become a part of the weekends of most Ghanaians with some preferring their waakye served in leaves instead of plates.


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