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Hutwise Plantain Chips - 1lb

Plantain chips are a very popular snack especially in Africa. Hutwise Plantain chips are made using carefully selected finest quality plantains, giving you a hearty crunch and authentic taste. Our chips will leave you always wanting more. Be careful not to eat too much so you can have room for the main dish.

Name variations: chifles, mariquitas, chicharritas

Preparation and use

This delicious and nutritious snack is 100% natural and made from thinly sliced green plantains, carefully browned in vegetable oil with a touch of salt. They are rich in potassium, zero cholesterol, and free of artificial preservatives and colours.


Fresh organic plantains, organic palm oil and salt.

Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  •  Mango Avocado Salsa and Plantain Chips

History, social and cultural relevance

Plantain chips are very popular in Africa and South America, they are healthier than regular snacks without compromising taste. However, the delicious snack was invented by Segundo and Margaret Argudo 23 years ago. Since then, plantains have long been a staple "vegetable" in Central America, tropical Africa, Malaysia and most of the Caribbean islands.

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