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Hutwise Ga Kenkey


Hutwise Ga Kenkey is one product you will need in your kitchen. Why? Because our Ga kenkey is soft, durable and always readily available to be eaten. We carry only 1 brand of Kenkey and it’s the bomb! Its gotten rave reviews from Canada, SF, fact anywhere we've gotten orders from. Try it and let us know what you think. To cook or soften, boil or steam kenkey in hot water for 5-10 minutes.

Name variations: kormi, kokoe, konkee, dorkunu, dokunu, kɔmi, dokunoo, dokono, dokunu, paime (pronounced pay-me in Trinidad), Tamale (Mexican variation)

 Preparation and use

Kenkey is made up of maize dough which is usually left to ferment before cooking. As a result, preparation takes a few days in order to let the dough ferment. After fermentation, the kenkey is partially cooked, wrapped in banana leaves, corn husks, or foil, and steamed.  You can store your kenkey at home by freezing in a refrigerator.

Kenkey tastes a bit sour when eaten on its own, it also tastes quite heavy and dense. Ga kenkey is very common in most parts of Ghana. The staple dish is usually served with soup, stew or pepper.


Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Kenkey with Pepper and Fish
  • Kenkey with soup
  • Kenkey soakings with milk, peanuts, and sugar

History, social and cultural relevance

 The Ga word for Ga Kenkey is Otim. Earlier, the grain (corn) used to make Otim was ground between stones (stone mill). The Governor of the Gold Coast, Guggisberg introduced the use of the corn mill, which has been in use but is now supplemented by more modern dough mixing equipment. However, arguably, the best kenkey is still made the old fashioned way with a lot of hard labor over many hours.  The best recipes have been passed on over many generations, so the best kenkey sellers are well known in every town. Thus, the average person should not attempt to make it on their own - the fermentation, acquiring corn husks, wrapping it well, and exactly how to cook it are all a matter of extreme art that is hard to master.   We recommend buying a good brand like Hutwise Ga Kenkey and enjoy it in a matter of minutes. 

Kenkey is extremely popular in Accra, the capital of Ghana, and as a result there is even a kenkey festival held once a year where you can taste kenkey in various ways with fries, stews and salads.

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