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Pona Ghana Yams

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Our Pona yams are all natural and well preserved through harvest, storage and transportation so you’ll taste its richness and it is highly nutritious. Great quality, affordable price, yam is flexible to different types of cooking and can be used for a variety of meals. We know yams can go bad easily so don't worry, we'll replace yours if you have any issues with it.

Name variations: nyami, bayere,

Preparation and use

Pona Yams are delicious in taste and are shipped straight from Ghana. Yam can be prepared in so many different ways depending on your taste. Yam can be consumed barbecued, roasted, fried, grilled, boiled, baked, fried, smoked and even grated in some dessert recipes.


Recipes, meals, and how this is usually eaten

  • Boiled Yam and Spinach stew
  • Boiled Yam and Garden egg stew
  • Boiled Yam and corned beef stew
  • Pounded yam with Egusi soup
  • Pounded yam with Ogbono soup
  • Pounded yam with vegetable soup
  • Fried yam and pepper

History, social and cultural relevance

Yams originated in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Africans call yams “nyami,” which is

where we get the word “yam.” They are cylindrical and vary in size. There are more than 150 varieties of yams available world-wide. Yams have a dense white, purple, or red flesh and scaly brown skin with dark spots. A yam is starchy and dry. In African culture, it is typically boiled or roasted. They have a shelf-life of six months. 54 million tons of yams are farmed in sub-Saharan Africa. This place, called the “yam belt” produces 95 percent of the world’s yams. Yams and sweet potatoes are often grouped together. Sweet potato and yam are not interchangeable terms.

Nutritional info

Fresh Pona Ghana Yams are a great source of potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin c, b-complex group of vitamins, complex starch and manganese. No Additives, Pesticides or Chemicals used.


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