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Soup (Sierra Leonean recipe)


750 grams meat (depending on number of persons)
6 garden eggs/aubergines (eggplant)
3 fresh tomatoes
20 grams tomatopuree
1 large onion
1.5 liters water
Salt and (chili) pepper to taste

How to make it 

  1. Trim, wash, and cut the meat into small pieces, and put in a pot.
    2. Add water, some salt, and allowto boil for about 5-8 minutes, stirring occasionally.
    3. Add the garden eggs and pepper. Cook on low heat until vegetables are tender. 
    4. Slice the onion and the tomatoes into small pieces and add to the soup. Allow to simmer.
    5. Remove and grind/blend the cooked vegetables, mix with water and strain.
    6. Return the vegetables to the soup, and add the tomatopuree. Allow the soup to simmer on low heat until meat is tender.
    7. Serve with rice or root vegetables like cassava, yam,potatoes (sweet or Irish).

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