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How to Prepare Afang Soup

Our bodies run on the fresh green fuel of the land (Terri Guillemets, "Fresh & green," 2011). A complete green African meal to fuel your body for all necessary minerals is Afang soup.

Afang is a vegetable soup known by Nigerians. It originated from the Efik people of the Efik kingdom in Cross River state and Ibibio people of Akwa Ibom in Southern Nigeria. Afang soup is nutritious, medicinal and contains a lot of fibre that helps the body cell to function properly. Rich in folic acid and vitamin A, Afang soup is healthy and nutritious for pregnant women; during the first trimester in any pregnancy, babies need folic acid and Afang soup provides just that. Thus, enjoying food in a healthy way.

Afang soup is prepared with water leaves, okazi leaves, assorted meat and fish, palm oil and periwinkles (optional).

But you can substitute water leaf for spinach though it may taste different from the traditional meal when cooked with water leaf. Also frozen vegetables or frozen spinach and fresh spinach can be used as an alternative to prepare Afang soup.

Afang soup can be prepared quickly and easily when meat is cooked before preparation.

Now let's prepare some Nigerian Afang soup.


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