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How to make the best Konkonte


  • Konkonte powder                                                  Hutwise Konkonte Flour
  •  Water
  1. Konkonte powder can be mixed with room temperature water or hot water. Some people prefer adding hot water to the powder first before cooking.
  2. It is stirred on the fire until it thickens and then it is kneaded and cooked some more. If it is too thick one adds a little more hot water to it.
  3. Then knead against the pot until the water mixes it well, (you may have to repeat the hot water addition and kneading if necessary until you get the right consistency) until it is cooked.
  4. Serving 1: Once cooked, wet a deep bowl all around with a little water, scoop portion suitable for your meal and place in middle ofbowl, draw all edges ofkonkonte to middle of portion, it will create a smooth base ofkonkonte underneath. Flip over and you should have a smooth ball to put your soup over.
  5. Serving2 : Some people just scoop a portion into bowl and pour their soup over it.

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