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Grilled fish Recipe

Ah, fish, fish, fish!! There's nothing like fresh fish, lightly seasoned and grilled. We like all types of fish - tilapia, red fish, seabass, porgy, etc. We like to grill with the whole fish: bone-in, head on. Grilled Fish can be enjoyed with banku, Kenkey, rice (wild, white, fried, jollof), thiéboudienne, grilled vegetables, etc.  You just can't go wrong with fish. 


Preparation Time: 45 mins


 1 whole fish
Mrs Ansah's seasoning
Salt, pepper
Thyme, capers to garnish it

How to Make it

  • Go to your favorite fish market or supermarket.  Select seabass, porgy, tilapia fish or two of your choice.  Ask for it to be cleaned, but leave head and bones. The bones give the fish extra flavor during  grilling.
  • Bring it home...and now the magic happens. Wash the fish thoroughly with cold water to get rid of any blood, etc. 
  • Season liberally with Hutwise Mrs. Ansah's seasoning, black pepper, and a dash of salt. 
  • Completely cover the fish with foil, and let it sit for 15-20 mins for the seasoning to seep into the fish. 
  • Turn your oven to 300 degrees, and place in the evening for 15 minutes with the foil completely covering the fish still. This is important to keep the moisture in the fish, and allow the seasoning to fully permeate the fish. 
  • After 15 minutes, take the fish, using kitchen gloves and tonsils, carefully unwrap the top part of the fish. Then place back in the oven with the top open for an additional 5 minutes using the broil setting on high. This will lightly brown the topside of the fish. 
  • Remove, and let the fish sit for 10 minutes before serving. This will allow the flavours to settle and infuse the fish fully. 
  • Et voila! Dish and serve with your favorite accompaniment.   

Enjoy, and stay healthy while eating with #hutwise. 



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