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Eba and Okro soup

Today, we visit our neighbours from Nigeria as we learn how to make Eba and Okro stew. Eba and Okro is one of the most popular cuisines in Nigeria so it will be beneficial to know how to make it.


 Palm oil
Fish seasoning
Shrimps (optional)
Red fish, garlic, onions, ginger, salt


Preparation time: 40 mins

How to Make It

  1. Remove all scales from fish and cut in desirable sizes.

  2. Wash the fish and get rid of all gills.

  3. Blend ginger, garlic and onion in a blender.

  4. Boil pepper and tomatoes in water until the skin becomes soft.

  5. Blend boiled pepper and tomatoes

  6. Steam fish with blended garlic, ginger and onion.

  7. Add salt and fish seasoning to taste.

  8. After 3 minutes, add pepper and tomatoes mixture and wait for it to cook.

  9. Wash okro and chopped into small pieces.

  10. Add water and allow okro to cook for 5-10 minutes. The mixture should turn gooey and bubbly.

  11. Add okro to fish soup. Then add teaspoons of palm oil and allow to simmer for 3 minutes.

  12. Boil water and pour gari into a large bowl.

  13. Slowly mix hot water with gari using a wooden spoon until it forms a soft but firm dough - firm enough to hold its shape.

  14. Use a wooden spoon to shape the eba into a round shape and serve with the okro soup.

After, you sit back, relax and enjoy.

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