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In this article we learn about five benefits of Prekese including controlling diabetes and boosting the immune system.

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Your heart is one your most important organs, that's why encourages you to take care of your hearts. Try these these foods which will keep your hearts in the best shape.

Gari serves a a major staple dish in West Africa. The fascinating thing is that gari can act as a staple dish or a supporting dish.


It is important that your shito tastes super good because it goes a long way to determine how your overall meal tastes.

Kenkey is a staple dish in Ghana which is enjoyed by most people. There are two types of kenkey and usually, a choice is made depending on what you want to eat and at what moment.

However, an age-old debate which sprung after the emergence of powdered fufu is; between pounded fufu and powdered fufu, which one tastes better?

Fufu is a meal loved by many. A meal made of starch (yam, cassava or plantain) is enjoyed all across the globe with there being different variations of fufu namely; Ghanaian, Nigerian and Caribbean.

As the Nigerian population in the US increases, the more the Nigerian cultural associations also increase.

Shea butter is a vegetable fat that's extracted from the dried nuts of the shea tree. Shea butter is non-toxic and edible, and can be used in cooking. However it is mostly used for cosmetic purposes. 

Although there is the emergence of powdered fufu and fufu machines. Here are some traditional differences between Ghana, Nigeria and Caribbean fufu.

You can eat your fufu with your fingers or a spoon. However, it can’t be eaten alone and it’s usually accompanied with a soup.

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