You should eat fufu at least once a week. Here are five reasons why.

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Health benefits of fufu

Fufu is an African staple which is very popular in Ghana and Nigeria. Fufu is made of either yam, cassava, plantain which is then pounded into a ball in dough form and served with soup.

Before we begin, if you don’t know how to make fufu, you can check out the quick or slow way to make it. 

I’m sure you have been wondering just how much fufu do you need? And how many times do you need to eat fufu a in a week?

Well, there isn’t a right proportion of fufu to eat. However, eating fufu at least once in a week ensures that you will stay healthy. 

Everyone needs energy including you. You need energy to go about your daily activities. Fufu is an exceptional source of energy for you.

Fufu is a high carbohydrates meal and carbohydrates form part of the macronutrients needed to supply your body with energy.

A 100g serving of fufu provides your body with 267 kcal of energy. This energy is enough to keep your nervous system, muscles and organs to run throughout the day.

You are probably wondering but too much carbohydrates could lead to more cholesterol.

That isn’t the case. Fufu is actually a low cholesterol meal.

There are two types of cholesterol; High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and Low-Density Lipoprotein (HDL).

Medical practitioners describe HDL as ‘good cholesterol’ because it removes cholesterol from the walls of the artery walls and moves it to your liver for it to be excreted.

Contrastingly, LDL is recognised as bad cholesterol as it stores up more cholesterol in the artery wall of the arteries, which could leave you prone to cardiovascular diseases such as stroke or heart attack.

Fortunately, you can make the right choice and choose low-cholesterol foods like fufu which helps regulate your cholesterol levels and protect you against heart diseases. 

Eating fufu does more for you than you can imagine. Fufu is a good source of fibre which makes your digestive system better.

The fibre in the fufu also reduces high blood pressure and inflammation. It also helps control the blood sugar levels which means fufu is particularly good for diabetic patients.

Another benefit for you is that eating fufu will make easing of bowels smoother preventing colorectal cancer.

Even if you are on a strict diet, you shouldn’t worry. Actually, fufu could possibly come to your rescue. 

Fufu is a low fat meal which means eating it instead of saturated fat or trans fat is good for your health. 

And just when you thought that was it in terms of benefits of fufu. 

Well, fufu could help you boost your immune system especially with covid-19 around. The meal comes from cassava, a calorie-rich source of key vitamins and minerals. 

Fufu contains vitamin C, potassium, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. 

Doctors specifically prescribe fufu for people with low potassium because potassium regulates fluid balance, reduces risk of loss of muscle mass, improves bone mineral density, and lowers formation of kidney stones.

These are some reasons why you should eat fufu at least once in a week. In case you need quality fufu which will be delivered at your doorstep, you can order from Hutwise here.

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