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Why should I refer people to products and services I love?

“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising” Mark Zuckerberg.

 A word from someone about a product or service can easily influence another better than a thousand ads of the same product. As humans, our emotions are one important part of us and things that appeal to it, we try them and keep them. But sometimes it takes a while to share them due to several reasons personal to us. But sharing your experience with others does a great good to them and you as well. In this article you will understand why you should refer people to products and services you enjoy.

It is shown that a lot of customers who have great and positive experience with a service, product or company are always glad and willing to extend referrals with friends, relatives, colleagues etc. Customer referrals are important to Hutwise, it tells us we are on track and doing the right and best things for you; our customers. For instance,some reviews from our customers kept us on track.

“I was so excited to order some waakye, jollof and banku… the food is amazing and delicious! Will be back for more”

“I ordered kenkey, palm oil, sardines etc. I recieved everything… The items were great and I thoroughly enjoyed the products. Planning to go back for more soon”

These reviews indicate we are giving you what you deserve and that informs us to keep up to your best satisfaction.

Also, talking about your own product to another makes a minimal impact unlike a satisfied customer testifying about your product to another. A customer referring a product or service to another is more trusted and believed that they are less likely to  mislead them. Your referral to a friend, relative or colleague speaks of your trust for the company and their services. Telling others about hutwise products and services tells us you trust us to give you the best product and this is one risk we know may have been difficult and so we do give you the best to keep your confidence in us.

Your referral of a product or service to a friend speaks of your trust and importantly how good the product or service is. This then translates your referrals into a purchase and then a good sale for the company to continue with its good service and products. As your referrals enjoy the products and have a positive experience they join the community of loyal customers and continue referring others for each person to have the very good experience you had and are having. A customer’s referral leads to tons of referrals and this generates good sales for producers of the products to give even better services.

A company telling you to refer to them doesn’t mean they only need more customers, it's because they trust your opinions about their products and services and they don’t take them for granted. The price of your referrals are priceless. At Hutwise we do not take your referrals for granted therefore we do not benefit alone from your referrals you do as well. We have a reward system that keeps the customer in mind always. You earn points which could get you $5, $10 and $25 discount on your next purchase and a referral gives you the most points; 50 points. Referring to another, you get to save a lot on your purchase and your referral also gains some points to save on their purchase as well.

Referrals can be difficult sometimes because you put your reputation, trust and loyalty at stake and indeed no one would like to risk that and be disappointed irrespective of that referrals go a long way to direct how the said company will operate and provide better services contributing to the success of the company.

Refer Hutwise to a friend, family, colleague, client or anyone today.

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