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Why Online Shopping For African Food is Better than In-store

The world is evolving very fast, and so is everything that is in it. One area that has seen a lot of rapid change is where and how people shop. All businesses have expanded online, not just to follow the crowd or follow the latest fad but because that is where the customer is. With an online store, a business can expand its market, get new customers and inform/educate customers. Online shopping is quickly becoming preferable to physical stores, however some people still have fears with regards to buying goods online. With the onset of the Covid pandemic in 2020, even more consumers turned to the internet to purchase grocery, home products, leisure products and just about anything a person may desire. African grocery has followed the trend of overall online shopping and more customers are shopping from and other leading ethnic stores. The question then is: is it prudent, convenient and cost-effective to purchase African groceries online?

Convenience/ Saves Time

Have you thought of purchasing very late in the night at the comfort of your home? Or thought of checking for products without stress at an ungodly hour when all shops are closed? Then the online shop is the best option. Online shops give you the opportunity to make purchases even at midnight at the comfort of your home. You can do your shopping in minutes unlike a store where you would have to look for sections, products and be in a queue to make payment. Online shopping gives you the opportunity to purchase a lot of products quickly and easily. For instance the search icon makes it easier to find what you are looking for and make a purchase quickly. This saves you time for other equally important activities. 

Better Prices.

The purpose of online shopping is not only the availability of a wide range of different products. has one of the widest selection of ethnic grocery products and also offers great prices, giving customers another reason to select this shopping channel. These low prices do not mean the products are of low quality but because Hutwise sources products directly from manufacturers and cuts out middlemen to deliver great value to customers. 

The dynamic and competitive nature of the online shopping environment forces each retailer to stay on top of their game and offer the best prices to customers including Various type of discounts e.g, valentine discounts, christmas discount, independence discounts and exclusive coupon.

Varieties to select from

Online shopping is quite interesting and amazing. It gives the opportunity to purchase any brand or item you are looking for. For instance at Hutwise, there are about four varieties (brands) of  palm oil and for frozen meat like goat meat there are varieties you can pick from. Some online shops also take/accept orders for products out of stock assuring customers when it will be available. But, the physical stores have limited stock so they keep things that are common and most selling.

In online stores you can get products being introduced from anywhere around the world with just selecting and purchasing.

Easy to Return Goods, Cancel Orders or Request a Refund

One amazing thing about online purchase is that you get the opportunity to read testimonials and reviews on different products which informs you whether to make a purchase or not. If you’ve already ordered and it hasn’t yet been delivered you can cancel when you are not satisfied with the reviews.

Also most online shops have a return policy where customers can return goods within a specified time when goods delivered are the opposite of what they requested for.

Product replacements and refunds are also quite simple without additional cost and time. Sometimes you need to change a product which does not fulfil your expectation in terms of quality or size just as there is a  return policy, there also is a replacement policy for online purchase where you can replace goods when you want to. 

This saves time and money for the customer who would have had it thrown away or given it out if it was bought from a store. 

Easier to send Goods to distant places/Send Gifts

This is one fun fact about online shopping a physical store can’t provide.  It is easier to make an order and set the delivery location anywhere around your region, country and the world. You can easily surprise friends with a meal or present on their birthday, wedding, anniversary etc. and have it delivered to them at home without you going in person. You can order for a hutwise basket especially for a food lover you wish to surprise at your convenience. So distance is no longer an excuse and you get to save money and time.

Online shopping is gradually advancing and expanding. Everyone finds it convenient, innovative, great and most importantly a life saver especially in this era of Covid where we have to reduce contact and maintain our distance. It may have its disadvantages sometimes and you may have your fears but to overcome why not try buying something online and see for yourself. You can start by ordering a variety of amazing African and Carribean food items from 


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