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Why everyone needs gari in their kitchen

Gari is a very popular ingredient in West Africa which is made from cleans and grated cassava tubers.

Gari serves a a major staple dish in West Africa. The fascinating thing is that gari can act as a staple dish or a supporting dish.

You can use a large quantity for eba and then you can use it in smaller quantities to support your usual waakye meals on Saturday mornings.

Gari is really important and this is why you should have it in your kitchen:

Gari meals are straightforward

There’s always going to be a time when you are so hungry and need a quick fix meal.

That’s when gari comes in. Withgari you can either prepare your soakings or eba or whichever meal in a matter of minutes.

When it comes to making meals withgari, everything is done quickly and in no time you can be quenching that hunger.

Gari is multipurpose

Gari offers great value because it is multidimensional and can be used to make different meals.

You can choose to add water, milk and sugar and have your popular soakings.

Or you can add just a bit of water and mix it with shito and canned fish to get you customary “ga-shit”.

Or you can decide to make an actual meal and boil water, add gary and stir till soft enough to get your own eba.

Withgari, the possibilities are limitless.

Gari makes you healthy

Gari is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

It can help you lose weight although it’s starchy and that’s because it’s very low in calories.

Gari contains fibers that help improve your digestive system by helping your system absorb toxins.

The B17 content ingari helps in stimulating the content of red blood cells.

Gari is rich in Vitamin A and bakarotennya that improves the health of your eyes and prevents future blindness or poor eyesight.

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