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What is Hutwise's value proposition?

Have you tried any products from Hutwise? Do you have questions on what Hutwise has to offer? Are you wondering what makes Hutwise different from others? This article answers all your questions. In short our value proposition is: 

  • Best-in-class customer service: We live for our customers. We offer the best possible experience and make it convenient and smooth for you.  
  • High quality products: We have a range of authentic African products. We stand by our product quality. 
  • Affordable prices with price match guarantee: Our prices are second to none. If you find the same product cheaper elsewhere, let us know and we will match that price and give you a discount.
  • In person delivery in the Tristate Area(NYC through Philly) every SaturdayApart from shipping our products nationwide, we offer direct door to door delivery services from NYC through Philly. Place your order by noon on Fridays and get them delivered Friday evening or Saturday. This saves our customers a trip to the grocery store and they can order cooked food as well.
  • Subscription options: Monthly, every other month, quarterly, etc. Set it and forget. You can skip an upcoming order or cancel your subscription anytime. No lock in for the long term. 

As an African and Caribbean retail grocery store, Hutwise gives you a hassle-free, innovative, value for money, healthy and new online shopping experience.

Talking of hassle-free and value for money, Hutwise gives you the best pricing for your purchase. Think affordability and Hutwise is the door to open. Hutwise has various subscription packages for customers that allow you to save money.

Hutwise subscription packages are available for everyone; the family, students and singles. The subscription packages range from Monthly to Quarterly. The more frequent you are with your subscription the more you save about 2% to 10% off your purchase.

Once you enrol in any subscription, discounts will be pegged at guaranteed percentages and prices.

A customer has the opportunity to upgrade and change the frequency of their orders when it comes to Hutwise giving customers 100% satisfaction as they shop with us.

Also when it comes to delivery, Hutwise makes it simple and convenient. At any time and anywhere we deliver either at your doorstep or in person. 

Hutwise's online shopping experience gives and builds a good customer experience for you and with you with all the good products and services. Some customers enjoying the ‘Hutwise online shopping’ and have great things to say about us including:

“Hutwise has great products! I ordered Kenkey, Palm oil, sardines, etc. I recieved everything. Items were great and I thoroughly enjoyed the product. Planning to go back for more soon” 

“Amazing, absolutely perfect product and experience. Wonderful personal customer service with a trackable and lightning- fast shipment all the way to Texas . Thank You”.

Try us and enjoy the same great experience as well.

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