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Top 10 beach resorts in Ghana

  • Coconut Grove Beach Resort, Elmina

With a serene and relaxing atmosphere, Coconut Grove Resort is top of the list of best beach resorts in Ghana. Fitted with state of the art facilities, it also features a pool for a relaxing swim. And whilst you are there be sure to visit the Elmina Castle.

  • La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel

A well frequented beach resort in the heart of Accra, La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel is one of the best beach resorts in the country. With 152 rooms which includes Royal, Presidential and junior suites. It is a 5min walk from Labadi beach.

  • Elmina Beach Resort

Elmina Beach resort is one of the best beach resorts in Ghana. With an extensive leisure facilities and luxurious rooms. Available on the premises is a Nightclub and a classy sports bar. Need a place to pass the night in Elmina? Try the Elmina beach resort.

  • Bojo Beach Resort

This island is separated from the main land by a lagoon and is cleanest beach in Accra. A perfect alternative to the rather crowded neighboring Kokrobite beach.

  • Blue Diamond Beach Resort

Blue Diamond Beach resort provides an exotic hide away from the busy city life. Located near a small fishing community in Apam. This private beach is one of the top 10 beach resorts in Ghana. One of their main attractions is a stunning beach view lined with 1640ft hammocks. Ideal for a relaxing swing to lure you to sleep in the afternoon breeze.

  • Escape 3 points Beach Resort

An eco-beach resort situated at the farthest part of the country to the south. Home to a turtle sanctuary and a delightful cocktail bar featuring multi-flavored akepeteshie. Enjoy a cool calm breeze from one of Ghana’s 10 best beach resorts.

  • White Sands Beach Resort and spa.

Found between the Atlantic Ocean and the bird sanctuary of Kako Lodge, White Sands Beach resort is the best place to enjoy your spa whilst relaxing by the beach. Found on the list of the top 10 beach resorts in Ghana, it also features a helipad for those guest who would prefer to fly.

  • Busua Beach Resort

Frequented by surfers, Busua beach resort offers right kind of waves to make your surfing experience memorable. It is also in close proximity with two popular surfing schools, the Ahanta waves and Mr. Bright’s surf school. Experience the Asa Baako Festival during your stay at this top 10 best beach resorts in Ghana.

  • Oasis Beach Resort

Oasis Beach resort is the best place to go to witness true cultural displays on a well decorated stage. Making the list as one of Ghana’s best beach resorts was no wonder considering the friendly atmosphere. Located in Cape Coast, it offers comfortable circular hits as accommodation to take you back to your roots.

  • Lou Moon Lodge

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