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Three ways to use dawadawa

Dawadawa is a fermented paste made from seeds of Parkia biglobosa, also known as the African locust bean tree with a distinctive odour and flavour.

Dawadawa can be referred to as Iru or Sumbula and is widely used across Africa and can be found in Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, selected regions in Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda.

Dawadawa is a good source of calcium, fats and protein, and also contains some Vitamin C, phosphorus and potassium. Dawadawa serve as a seasoning to enhance the flavour of cooked dishes including soups and stews.

This article lists three ways to use dawadawa in cooking.

Tea Preparation

Dawadawa can be used in the preparation of tea, this tea is widely known as dawadawa tea. This beneficial tea is purely produced from dawadawa without any added chemicals or preservatives. Dawadawa tea is helpful against hypertension, sight-problems, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and many more.

Preparation of Rice

Dawadawa can be used in preparing a lot of rice dishes including Jollof rice and braised rice. The presence of dawadawa in rice makes it tasty and very rich in protein which is good for the bones, strengthens muscles, lower blood pressure and keeps body healthy. Dawadawa Jollof is usually preferred amongst the others. It’s usually prepared in the northern parts of Ghana.

Preparation of Soup and Stew

Dawadawa is widely known for its use in the cooking of stews and soups. The presence of dawadawa in stews and soups boost its flavour and taste. It’s also makes stew/soup rich in protein, calcium and other essential nutrients.

Dawadawa adds a new taste and flavour to any kind of dish one decides to prepare including cakes. Try introducing Hutwise dawadawa to you recipes

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