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The three best soups that go with fufu

Fufu is a staple dish in Ghana and other common West African and Central African countries such as Nigeria, Togo, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Guinea, Cote D'Ivoire etc.

Fufu is a starchy meal which is made from either cassava, plantains or yams. The meal can either be prepared using the traditional method of pounding or a more modern using fufu powder.

You can eat your fufu with your fingers or a spoon. However, it can’t be eaten alone and it’s usually accompanied with a soup.

That’s the focus of the article as we take a look at the best three soups you can enjoy your fufu with.

Palmnut soup

Palmnut soup is a soup which is usually prepared using palm fruits. Palmnut soup takes fufu to another dimension due to its thick nature. It is the perfect combination on a weekend if you want to really enjoy your fufu and get satisfied.

An added advantage is the fact that palm kernel oil has anti-ageing benefits. It prevents wrinkles and keeps your skin smooth so it’s used in various creams.

You can find more details on how to prepare palmnut souphere.

Goat Light Soup

Light soup is usually the go to soup for inaugurations, festivals or just friends getting together for weekend. The aroma and flavour from the goat makes the combination with fufu truly special.

If you prioritise taste and don’t want to get too full after your fufu meal, then light soup is your choice.

You can get Hutwise’s exclusive recipe on how to prepare goat lightsouphere.

Groundnut Soup

Made from groundnut paste, groundnut soup provides a real alternative when it comes to accompaniments for fufu.

The taste of groundnut melting in your mouth alongside fufu can be a moment to savour.

You can make the perfect Ghanaian light soup by checkinghere.



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