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Should you pound your fufu traditionally or opt for powdered fufu?

Once upon a time, preparing fufu took hours; from boiling the plantain and cassava to pounding the fufu itself.

The process of pounding was quite tedious as it involved two people exerting energy and sweat for minutes with one pounding and the other keeping it in shape in the mortar.

Times have changed and there has been evolution with regards to how fufu is prepared nowadays.

Powdered fufu is currently dominating the markets because it provides a less tiresome experience whilst providing you with the nostalgic feeling of eating fufu.

However, an age-old debate which sprung after the emergence of powdered fufu is; between pounded fufu and powdered fufu, which one tastes better?

It’s one that you have probably thought of and we will give you information on both sides and let you decide how you will be making your fufu in future.

Pounding fufu traditionally

Pounding fufu comes with its own benefits. First off, you get the chance to control the ingredients that you use and mix it in any way you prefer.

Remember fufu is a very dynamic meal because you can choose to either go with just plantain or just yam or just cassava or even decide to mix the aforementioned in any proportion preferred.

That’s the biggest advantage of choosing to pound as you are your own chef and have maximum control on how your fufu and how it turns out.

Also, the fufu turns out to be firmer and looks more natural when pounded.

Here’s a detailed recipe on how to pound your fufu.

On the down side, opting to pound fufu means a lot of time is used and a considerable amount of energy is exerted.

It’ll take more than an hour on average to boil the ingredients and pound them. However, if you deem the wait worth it and want to have absolute control over how your fufu tastes and looks, then pounding is your way.

Going the powdered fufu way

If you don’t like to hustle when it comes to meals or you just don’t have the time, then neat fufu was certainly made for you.

What makes powdered fufu unique and attractive is the ease of use, speed and convenience.

All of a sudden, a process that was so long has been cut down to five minutes. In just a few minutes you can enjoy the taste of fufu.

Here’s a detailed recipe on how to prepare your fufu using neat fufu

On the other hand, when speed is compromised, there will be some shortfalls. Once you choose to use powdered fufu, you sacrifice your control.

You cannot control the proportion of ingredients and simply have to go with what neat fufu gives you.

Also, stirring the fufu instead of pounding it, usually makes it lose its firmness.

Pounding fufu or using powdered fufu at the end of the day is a choice based on your preference. Both have their benefits and shortfalls but should you decide to become a powdered fufu person, don’t forget you canpowdered fufu products on Hutwise.

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