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How to preserve fufu overnight

Fufu is a meal loved by many. A meal made of starch (yam, cassava or plantain) is enjoyed all across the globe with there being different variations of fufu namely;Ghanaian, Nigerian and Caribbean.

The other name for fufu is akpu and some people spell fufu as foo-foo or foufou. The texture of fufu is gummy and a bit stretchy. It is commonly served with soups or stews.

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There are different ways to prepare this staple dish frommicrowaving, to stirring topounding.

However, today we look beyond the preparation and look at preservation. How many times have you failed to finish your delicious fufu and asked yourself is there any way I can keep this overnight?

Usually, most people ask themselves if it’s possible to keep the fufu they eat in the evening and come back to eat it the next day. Well, the answer is that it’s possible. 

Here’s how you can preserve your fufu and eat it later:

Store cooked fufu at room temperature

Only use this method when you are sure you will still eat the fufu the same day. There are times where you need to go get emergency groceries or quickly make some rounds whilst eating fufu.

Or you might just be too full and want to continue later in the day. Then this is for you. Because the fufu was already being eaten, it’ll be around room temperature.

So you need to wrap it up in plastic just to make sure that air doesn’t get into the fufu as it can affect the texture of the food.

You then place the wrapped fufu in an airtight container and make sure it is also completely sealed.

Store the fufu at room temperature but just for a few hours so that you reduce the risk of food poisoning. This is because if you leave food at room temperature for a long time you will actually be exposing it to bacteria.

Store cooked fufu in the fridge

There are times where you just can’t finish the fufu that same day for different reasons. Don’t worry there is also a preservation option which can keep your fufu for more than a day.

However, you must consume the fufu within a few days. To store fufu in the fridge you must first wrap it in plastic first.

Make sure each side of the fufu is tightly covered so that air and moisture doesn’t manage to get in. The tightness is how the fufu is preserved so even after wrapping fufu still place a freezer bag or an airtight container.

You can then go ahead and store in your fridge for about a week.

Once you feel like eating the refrigerated fufu, just take it out and take off the wrap.

Put the fufu in a microwaveable bowl and add about three spoons of water to the fufu.

Cover the bowl with paper towels or tissue to prevent the fufu from drying out when microwaving.

Microwave your fufu for about 30 seconds and use a spoon to turn it around. If you are not satisfied with the temperature of your cooked fufu you can reheat it for an additional 30 seconds.

Serve the cooked fufu with thebest soups that go with fufu.

NB: There’s an alternative method if you do not have a microwave at home. You can take out the refrigerated fufu and leave it outside to warm down to room temperature. Or if you’re in a hurry, you can just boil for a couple of minutes in a pan full of water but cover fufu in rubber wrap to prevent dryness.


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