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How to get the best fufu powder in the market

The sheer joy of eating fufu is hard to match. The tasty West African staple comes in countless variations, tastes and textures that work with a wide variety of regional flavors. We all have our favorites: the fufu that we think works best with a certain soup or for a certain time of day, and we all know that one weird person who eats their's with a spoon—like seriously, why? Perhaps you've never tried fufu and you're looking for a good and easy recipe to try. Or maybe you were wondering "what is fufu?"Or you want to know the different types of fufu powder we have available, don't worry we've got you covered.

What is fufu?

Fufu, which is believed to have originated in modern-day Ghana, is commonly made by pounding starchy food crops such as cassava, yam, plantain and others with hot water. It's eaten throughout the West African region and in several Caribbean countries including Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Hutwise has over 5 different brands of fufu powder and you can visit this PAGE to checkout which one you do prefer.

Why fufu powder?

The process of boiling the ingredients and spending hours pounding it to make fufu can be strenuous and tedious. However, Hutwise provides an easier and faster alternative to help you still get access to quality fufu. Our fufu powder comes with quality ingredients and when used properly, the fufu comes out smooth and soft - just as when pounded. We have an array of variety when it comes to fufu powder so you can just choose and purchase directly from our website.

Neat plantain fufu

Neat plantain fufu powder

Plantain fufu is a lighter alternative to yam and cassava-based starches. It's made with blended green plantain that thicken when stirred over a stove. It's eaten across West Africa. A variation of plantain fufu, known as matoke is widely eaten in Uganda. This fufu pairs well with peanut soup, palm oil soup, leafy vegetable stew, and tomato stew.


Health enhanced premium fufu flour

For those of you who are healthy but still want to get your fufu game on we still have you covered at Hutwise. We have two types you can choose from.

We have the blue health enhanced premium fufu flour which contains milled oat, wheat germ and flax seeds.

Health enhanced premium fufu flour

Then we have the orange health enhanced premium fufu flour which contains milled buckwheat, wheat germ and flax seeds.

orange health enhanced premium fufu flour

Cocoyam fufu

Cocoyam fufu powder

This flour is one of the most popular in the US for making fufu.  Preparation is easy: mix a cupful of the flour with cold water, stir until its smooth and consistent with no lumps. Put the mixture in the microwave for 3 minutes for cook, remove and stir with your banku pestle.

Speaking of pestles, you can buy affordable ones HERE in case you need to stir that banku or fufu to perfection

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