Health Benefits Of African Star Apple (Alasa)

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Health Benefits Of African Star Apple (Alasa)

Perhaps this is the first time some people hearing this name. Alasa is a kind of fruit that natured in Ghana. It has oval-shaped form and yellowish-orange in color. Inside, the color of the flesh is more peachy-orange. You will find around 3 seeds inside the fruit and they are quite big.

For those who are curious about the taste, this fruit tastes slightly sour and after you continue to chew it for a day, it might become chewing gum. That is the interesting part of this fruit. Alasa has more health benefits that it can offer. 

Alasa’s facts

  • Alasa’s seeds are threaded as anklets and used in dancing by Nigerian people.
  • Its seeds are also used in playing games by kids in Nigeria
  • It is also called agbalumo or Udara
  • The seed is effective in treating skin diseases
  • Nigerian also used it as a natural cleanser
  • Alasa is a perfect ingredients in cooking and baking
  • It is always in season on December

Nutrients of Alasa Fruit

One serving of apple star contains 15 grams carbohydrates, 67 calories, 3 grams of fiber, full of calcium, vitamin A and C and 2% of iron. 

Thus, here are health benefits of Alasa Fruit:

1. Shush away diabetes and heart disease risk

Alasa fruit helps by battling against bad cholesterol and lower blood sugar level. So, by consuming it you might never worry about diabetes and heart cloging.

2. Helps with diet

Since alasa fruit is low in calories, it is safe to be consumed in your diet program. A serving of alasa provides 67 calories. Since this fruit is also good in stopping hunger, it is the best suggestion for them who wants to lose weight. 

3. Healthy for your gum

Vitamin C that it contains will maintain the healthiness of your gum, preventing sprue and gum disease. Besides, this fruit could turn into a chewing gum, chew it in a long time and it might improve your gum and mouth healthiness.

4. Healing toothache

Alasa could be a natural remedy of toothache. Other than that, it can also cure sore throat and stomachache.

5. Rich in antioxidant

Consuming this fruit might protect you from free radical, avoid you suffering from cancer or any deadly diseases. Indeed, that’s one of health benefits of Alasa Fruit.

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