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Four meals you can enjoy shito with

Shito is one of those ingredients that you need in your kitchen, especially if you’re an African food freak.

Why? Because shito literally goes with everything.

Shito, which can be referred to as stewed pepper is a sauce made of fish or vegetable oil, ginger, dried fish, onions, tomatoes, garlic, peppers and spices.

These aforementioned ingredients are blended together and cooked in vegetable oil for more than an hour to create the sauce.

It is important that your shito tastes super good because it goes a long way to determine how your overall meal tastes.

As stated earlier,shito is a very important ingredient in your kitchen and here are five meals you can enjoy it with.


Rice comes in different forms and surprisingly, all forms go with waakye.

Think of it, you can easy shito with plain rice, oil rice, waakye, jollof, fried rice and anyway you make your rice.

If you are a rice lover, which is usually the case when you are West African, then you need shito around.


Imagine kenkey without pepper? It would be an abomination right.

All of a sudden, the pure divine taste that the meal comes with reduces drastically.

The good thing is that shito doesn’t care if you’re team Ga kenkey or team Fante kenkey, it goes with both.

You can enjoy either Fante kenkey or Gakenkey with some delicious fish and shito.


Most people usually eat their banku with soups and stews but a hidden secret is shito brings the best out of banku.

Enjoying your banku with some shito and fish is one meal that usually goes under the radar.

All you need is for the banku to be hot and soft and then you’re good to go with shito.


Gari in itself is also a utility meal that can go with anything.

So essentially eating gari and shito means you’re combining the two most versatile meals in West Africa.

There are two ways you can enjoy your gari with shito. The first is when the gari is slightly dry and mixed with the shito and fish. Or you can make the gari into eba and enjoy it with some spicy shito.

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