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Does it cost more to buy African food online?

 Purchasing food online gives one an experience that is quicker and more convenient than purchasing in-store. But irrespective of its convenience, does the online service save you some money? Is it cost effective? This article will provide answers to these questions.

The discounts on online food items makes them affordable than purchasing in-store. These items are definitely delivered at a fee, it is this fee most people consider and may think online food purchase is expensive.  It may be, but, it depends; there are many factors that determine how much you can save when you purchase African food online.

Buying Habit

Each individual has a purchasing attitude; one who buys strictly by a list or what he/she planned on and another who buys more than expected when they chance on something they would want to try. If you find yourself buying more than expected in-store every time even when you have a list of African food items needed then your best option to save on shopping for African food items is online ( This way you will stick to your list and avoid impulse purchase. You realise that you end up saving more online than in store.

Way of Life

We all live differently; to some their schedules are too tight they do not have time to go grocery shopping or even get cooked food from the restaurant. To others also, time is a lot of money and the minutes they waste is as though they have lost thousands of which they wouldn't want to. Especially with mothers engaged with work, children and the home it becomes quite tiring when they always have to be at the store or supermarket searching for food items. Thus, the convenience of online service may be much more than the potential added cost. Purchasing online, one with the tight schedule gets to eat at his/her convenience without stressing, the mother gets the chance to double without any conflicting roles and you who calls time money gets to save a lot.


Delivery cost is one people consider and say ordering online products are expensive. Some delivery services cost extra but mostly they may or are less than the cost of gas or transportation to and from the grocery store and that is depending on where you live or where you want to purchase the products. If you are a walk away then it is okay but if you are far from the store then the convenience of online helps you save money on gas or transportation from the store and even to the store. Some online stores make it amazing with deliveries when they give some discount on deliveries which saves a lot of  money as well. 

So, ordering food online may or may not be as expensive as you think. It depends. You can start ordering from hutwise to have that experience yourself.

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