Differences between Nigeria Fufu, Ghana Fufu and Caribbean Fufu

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Differences between Nigeria Fufu, Ghana Fufu and Caribbean Fufu

Fufu is arguably one of the most popular meals around the globe as a host of countries enjoy the staple dish.

Fufu also referred to as fufuo, foofoo or foufou, is heavy on starch and usually goes with different types of soup.

In case you are looking for the best soups to eat fufu with, check this article for some good options.

Preparing fufu is an art, and that’s because it can be prepared in various ways with different ingredients ranging from yam, cassava or plantain.

You can choose to prepare your fufu by pounding or the faster method of stirring the mixture.

These are the reasons why fufu appears to be different in different cultures. The way the meal is prepared in Ghana differs from how it is prepared in Nigeria and the Caribbean.

Although there is the emergence of powdered fufu and fufu machines. Here are some traditional differences between Ghana, Nigeria and Caribbean fufu:


For Ghanaian fufu, there is always a mixture of tubers to make the fufu rich. Traditionally, Ghanaians mix plantain and cassava when making fufu.

The proportion of both is usually a personal preference. However, most people usually mix the two with the plantain being more.

There’s also a large of people who prefer just plantain to be used for their fufu. However, Ghanaians don’t use just cassava, and that’s where Nigeria comes in.

In Nigeria, they usually refer to fufu as Cassava fufu/water fufu/Akpu. Only cassava is used, however, it goes through a process of being fermented for 4-5 days prior to preparation.

The cassava is washed thoroughly and placed in a large container full of water. Two teaspoons of baking soda is added to initiate the fermentation process.

Also, one of the main types of fufu in NIgeria is yam fufu or iyan in Yoruba, find names in igbo, hausa and other types.

In Nigeria, these types of foods are categorised into swallows which means any food you can make into a ball and enjoy with soup or stew.

Examples of swallows are; eba, amala, pounded yam, semovita, semolina, wheatmeal, tuwo shinkafa, oatmeal fufu and plantain Amala

For Caribbean fufu, although the same plantain, cassava or yams is used, the mixture is usually mashed with other ingredients.

These other ingredients include chopped garlic, salt, black pepper and olive oil.


Nigeria fufu sees the use of blenders and food processors. After the fermented cassava is strained to remove excess water, it is placed in a blender or food processor until it turns into puree.

After which the puree is squeezed using a clean kitchen towel to get rid of the excess water. The puree is then boiled, stirred and moulded into fufu.

In Ghana, the plantain and/or cassava is boiled till soft and then thrown bit by bit into mortar and then pounded by a wooden pestle.

Caribbean people usually prefer to call it “Foo Foo”. Plantains are usually used and boiled till soft. However, what makes theirs a bit different is that a small amount of ripe but firm plantain is added unlike Ghanaians.

Once soft, it is pounded until the mixture is smooth. When smooth, the foo-foo is mixed with butter, salt and pepper.

What distinguishes the Caribbean "fufú" from its West African relative is a firmer texture with stronger flavours.

Interestingly, we bet you didn’t know that in Puerto Rico, they fry their plantain and mash it into fufu adding flavours like garlic and pepper.

The aforementioned methods are traditional methods, but if you want to make your fufu in more modern ways in less than five minutes. Find a variety of Hutwise fufu brands here.

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