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Best foods to help wean your baby

Babies love milk and look like they could survive on breast milk forever. However, that isn't the case as babies have to start eating solid food at a point.

Weaning is the process of moving your baby away from drinking breast milk to eating solid foods.

The universal time range for a baby to start weaning is 4-6 months. Though, it is also advisable to test your baby's digestive system first by easing them into solid foods slowly.

The idea of eating solid foods is a fundamental one and it usually helps babies in their development mentally and physically.

If your baby is getting close to their weaning period, here are some foods to consider:


Fruits are very good way to wean your baby. This is because they have natural sweeteners and taste sweet. Babies love sweet stuff and will certainly enjoy eating small cut fruits.

You can start with fruits such as watermelons, mangoes, apples, pears, pawpaws and the like to see what leaves your baby happier.


Soups are a great way to hydrate your baby. And guess what? It's easier for babies to wean with soup because it doesn't involve chewing.

Also, soups have good enough nutrients to help the babies grow. Don't forget to not add too much spices.


In recent times, cerelac has been the go-to meal for parents for babies. Apart from its sweet taste, the cereal has the necessary nutrients and vitamins to aid the development of new born babies.

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Vegetables are also a great source of vitamins and multi-nutrients. They also contain mineral salts that helps keep your baby's body functioning. You can mash vegetables such as green peas, carrots, legumes, spinach etc.

Vegetables are a great way to wean your baby off breast milk and should be given to your baby at least once or twice a week. Remember to go for organic vegetables free of processing. 


Yes, it probably sounds a bit obvious but water is pretty important when weaning your baby.

As your baby is starting to take in solids, you'll need to increase their intake of water too so your baby stays hydrated. Remember water serves as the best detoxificant for the body.

Once your baby is slowly eased into weaning with these foods, you can progress to more solid foods suched as cooked foods like rice, yam, potatoes, egg and the likes.

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