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A History of The African Store

How many times have you googled the term “African store near me?" Before this world became digitised and everything became so accessible with the press of a button, there were physical stores.

There was a need to get up and most often walk. In fact, it formed a fundamental part of childhood memories. Often, mothers would disrupt children during their hobbies just for them to search for that missing ingredient across the street.

However, times have changed and African stores have been brought to the comfort of our homes. 

These online stores are more popular in immigrant communities across the globe. It isn’t just stores peculiar to Africa, we have also seen the emergence of Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and French stores.

In a report by the Economist released in 2020, it was revealed that 36 million Africans live abroad. Out of this population of immigrants, more than 2 million live in the United States of America.

This hints at the growth of the African population in the United States and as a result there has been an upsurge of African stores.

Most of these shops which are sometimes referred to as bodegas (a small owner-operated convenience store) sell African food, groceries, clothing, jewellery and accessories, with food being the most in demand.

Due to the emergence of digitalisation, most of these African stores also have the option of purchasing products online – one of which is Hutwise, an African store in the US.

Hutwise is a retailer of African & Caribbean foods, drinks, and personal care items. The physical shop is located at 34 Mill Rd, Irvington, NJ 07111, United States.

In addition, Hutwise is also an African store online that aside selling the aforementioned products, also delivers thought provoking content about recipes, lifestyle, health and travel.

Customers’ needs are priority at Hutwise so shipping is straightforward and smooth. You can be anywhere in the US and still get access to Hutwise’s products.

You can visit the website of Hutwise.comhere.

Other popular African stores in the US include Kaneshie Market, Feco Foods, Gold Coast supermarket, Africa Market USA, African Chop, Royac Shop, Wazobia market and a host of other stores.

Life has been made easy for an African immigrant in the US now, with your phone or laptop, you can get access to African products delivered to your doorstep in days.

Technically, Africa has been brought to your home with the click of a button.

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