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3 major differences between Ga kenkey and Fante kenkey

Kenkey is a staple dish in Ghana which is enjoyed by most people. There are two types of kenkey and usually, a choice is made depending on what you want to eat and at what moment.

Ga Kenkey popularly referred to as komi is enjoyed by the people of Accra. Whilst Fante kenkey is consumed by the fante tribe who usually call it dokono.

The debate between which Kenkey is better could possibly spark a tribal war between these two tribes so let’s not go there.

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Today, we are looking at three major differences between Ga Kenkey and then Fante kenkey.

  1. The preparation

Both types of kenkey take time to prepare but different ingredients are used.

Fante kenkey is unique and that’s because it comprises soaked and milled corn which is cooked by mixing the uncooked portions with the cooked portions carefully, whilst gradually adding water until you have a smooth texture.

Ga kenkey on the other hand is usually prepared from white cornmeal, however it can also be made using dried corn kernels that are first soaked in water for days to soften. They are then transported to a flour mill where they are milled and processed into dough. After which the dough is allowed to ferment and then cooked. 

  1. How they are packaged

Packaging is a very important aspect when it comes to these two types of kenkey.

It plays a crucial role in how these two foods are identified and what sets them apart physically.

The Fante people use plantain leaves to wrap their kenkey after it’s ready. This gives it a dark burnt brown look. Fante kenkey is usually wrapped with so much covering making it feel very airtight. Unwrapping them could take a while.

Ga kenkey doesn’t require so much covering. Ga people prefer to use dried corn husks to wrap their kenkey. This gives it a light brown look and the wrapping is so thin that you can sometimes see the kenkey. 

  1. What they are eaten with

Ga kenkey is usually eaten with pepper, shito and fish and eaten in its raw solid form.

There is also a section of people who love to enjoy kenkey with soups including okro, groundnut, palmnut and the like.

For Fantes, they love to eat their fante kenkey with a special fish stew called fante fante.

What makes fante kenkey different from Ga kenkey is how the former is able to mertamophisize.

 Fante kenkey can be blended into iced kenkey which is usually mixed with sugar, milk and groundnuts.

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